Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mama Murphy Reviews : Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Range

Time for another Mama Murphy review and today its all about Nivea!

Mama Murphy has been trying some products from the Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Range. This range of products was specifically created for women of 40 years plus and works to rejuvenate the skin on a cellular level. There are 4 products in the range - a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream and a serum.

They all contain a combination of Magnolia Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Creatine. Magnolia Extract in an antioxidant that works to increase the cells resilience to oxidative stress and Hyaluronic Acid increases the cells ability to retain water. Creatine supports the body's supply and will help provide energy to the body's cells. All in the all these ingredients will work to revitalise cells and fight the appearance of ageing.

Day Cream (SPF 15)* - The cream is light and absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a tacky residue. It sits well under makeup and as it contains SPF you can skip a step in your morning routine. It also contains UVA protecting which helps protect against UV-induced photo-ageing, cell damage and age spots.

Concentrated Skin-Refining Serum* - Mama Murphy was never a big fan of serums but has gotten well with this offering from Nivea. It's light but effective and instantly smooths the skin's appearance. Combined with the day cream the two work to fight signs of fatigue and improve the quality.

Mom was never big into a skin routine but has been using these for a few weeks and really likes them. They're nice and light for the morning and the two products combined have really improved the appearance of her skin. It looks smooth and hydrated. It's a no fuss routine that gets the job done.

Have you tried this range from Nivea? Let me know how you got on in the comments if you did.

Until next time, stay beautiful!


RRP Day Cream €15.99
RRP Concentrated Skin-Refining Serum €15.99

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