Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Breaking the writer's block

I’ve a different kind of post today, a kind of ramble if you will. For the past few months I’ve had blogging writer's block! My love of blogs, vlogs and all things beauty has not changed but I’ve just lost my mojo for writing. I’ve love writing since I was young. I always had a notebook with me to doodle in but as of late I haven’t been able to commit words to paper or post. It’s bothered me.

I’ve been still taking my blog pictures most Saturdays for posts I hoped to write. I was researching and planning posts and I was making time in my week to sit down and blog. However when everything was said and done and I tried to write my post, I just lost my voice!

For me this summer,work was my focus. I got to work on some amazing campaigns and I really felt like I held my own. But as I gave so much of myself in work, there was little left to give to my blog.

You might have noticed that I contribute to as their beauty blogger but even that has slipped over the summer. It’s almost been a little easier to get posts up for as I had a schedule to stick too. I also was nominated for the Long List of Beauty Blogs in the Blogs Award Ireland, which was an honour and I’m so grateful for it.

While it’s not the start of the New Year, the start of October signifies a new beginning for me. I’ve spent the last few weeks catching up on blogs and I’ve completely rediscovered my love of them. I also want to thank Megan and Aisling for listening to me rant about my writer’s block recently. You guys helped me put it in perspective.

Going forward I’m hoping to commit to 2-3 posts a week on my blog. It’s my baby and its time I gave it some attention! I just want to thank you all for sticking with me and the regular scheduled programming with start back up very soon! This post was my way of breaking the writer’s block and helping me get those demons out!

Until next time stay beautiful!




  1. Go away or that with your thanks, there's no need for it! We all go through writer's block from time to time. There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to write and putting material out there for the sake of publishing something because that will be apparent in the tone. I am looking forward to the comeback!! :)

  2. Happens to us all! Sometimes a little break is just what's needed! xx

    1. Indeed, I'm feeling energised now and ready for action!

  3. Really lovely post, Its definitely one i will re-read when I am having a block x

  4. I love reading stuff like this because I always get worried about getting writers block or not posting enough! Great read! <3 <3

  5. If you're not feeling it step back from it. As it is a hobby it is not something that you must be doing all the time. Do a blog post when you feel like doing and enjoying it.

  6. Sometimes you need a break to recharge yourself, I get writer's block too. x


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