Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November Wish List

I haven't posted a wish list in a while so i think it is long over due! Here are some of the things I've been lusting after over the past couple of weeks.

Studio lighting - after struggling to take some blog snaps during the weekend, I really think it's about time to invest in some lighting equipment, the only thing is i have no idea where to start looking! I've been doing some research on Amazon but need to set proper time aside and really start looking it up.

Large woollen scarf - I've always loved over sized woollen scarf and I recently spotted a few in Zara but wasn't sure if I really needed it so I walked away empty handed; worst idea ever. Now all I can think about is the large wooden scarf! I need to get to a Zara stat to pick one up. From the way the weather is heading it will be put to use!

Ambient blush palette - I would buy this palette in a heart beat if i didn't already have one of the shades. I picked up Mood Exposure when Hourglass launched the line last year, but it quickly become one of my favourite blushes. The texture, finish and colour are amazing and totally worth the invest. But now i just can't commit to buying the limited edition palette. Although the magic words (limited edition) could really sway me...

NARS virtual domination cheek palette - Again another limited edition blush palette. I think i have a weakness as I recently picked up Benefits offering, Cheeky Sweet Spot but this NARS one is a beaut! 1 bronzer, 3 blushes and 1 highlighter...All colours I don't have and I could rock all shades! What's a girl to do?

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Cream - the women herself was in Dublin last week and I'm so jealous of all the bloggers that got to meet her. I've tried a good few products from her collection and the one I really have my eye on is the infamous Wonder Cream but at €90 a pop it's on the wish list. This cream is everything you will ever need in a tub and Charlotte has even perfected the application through a 5 minute 'Pro-Collagen Wonder Workout'!

Japonesque solid brush cleaner - I think cleaning your brushes is one of the chores any beauty junkie dreads, but this brush cleaner seems to make this chore take no time at all. Unfortunately it has proven impossible to get a hold of. Space NK on Grafton Stret has been sold out for a few months now and so are all of the virtual beauty haunts. If anyone knows where i can pick this up, please let me know.

The perfect pair of jeans - This might be a little bit of stretch but I really need to get a new pair of jeans and wouldn't it be great it i could the elusive perfect pair?? For being a short girl I have long legs, well long for someone for someone my size so I always find it really difficult to buy jeans. Topshop Leigh and Jamie jeans have both been recommended but they just didn't sit right on me. My next destination is Levi's!

That's everything that I'm currently lusting after! Let me know what you're dying to pick up this month :)

Until next time,



  1. Also desperately to find the Japonesque brush cleaner!! And lusting over both palettes in a bad way... come on Santa do me proud!! :)

  2. Have you tried Diesel for jeans, it's the only place I can get jeans to fit right and not look funny when I take them up! Swear by them, or Miss Sixty jeans are fab too

  3. The palettes are in my December wishlist :)


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