Thursday, 12 February 2015

Brush cleaning made easy with the Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser

Cleaning makeup brushes is chore for any beauty junkie. Sunday mornings are usually the time I clean all my brushes and depending on how many brushes I’ve used that week, it can take up to an hour. By the end of the hour my hands have dried up like little old prunes.

Enter the the solid brush cleanser from Japonesque, it’s made this chore take less time to complete and requires very minimal effort. The cleanser is basically a bar of soap in a tub that will break down any dirt or grease in the brush, getting them clean and fresh. The cleanser contains goat’s milk so it keep your brushes soft while getting them clean.

The way I use it is to rinse the brush first so it’s damp and then swirl it around on the cleanser to create a lather and then just rinse out the product from the brush. And just repeat this until the brush is fully clean. Make sure to fully rinse out all the product before leaving them to dry as if there is any cleanser left on the bristles when they are drying it can lead to shedding or breaking of the hairs.  For blending brushes like the MAC 217 I would place the brush flat when swirling it around the cleanser instead of straight on as the bristle splay out and can lose their shape.

This cleanser is also great for face sponges.  I’ve cleaned both the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge and the Beauty Blender and both were as clean as a whistle afterwards.

I love this little guy so much that on first day of my Bridal and Editorial make up course when I was asked what my favourite product was. I said the Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser, a nerd I know but it really is petty cool!

I got mine from Space NK and it was around €16 but it's never really in stock. I've also found it on Beauty Bay but it' a little more expensive. If like me, you have a little bit of a make up brush addiction, its a handy product to have to help ease the cleaning process! 

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  1. Great review Avril this sounds like a great product!

  2. I've heard so many good things about this. I'm all switching between brush cleansers because I can't find one I really like. I think I'm going to have to give this a go!

    1. I recommend it! Make cleaning brushes so easy!


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