101 Goals in 1001 Days

Happy New Year everyone,  I know I am a few days late but I hope you all had a great holiday! I took some time off from blogging to enjoy the festivities with my family and friends and to be honest I had lost my blogging mojo. I'm back now and ready to hit the ground running.

My first post of 2014 is going to be a little different, its my list of 101 Goals in 1001 Days. I saw this first on Aoife's blog Fashion Turn To The Right a while ago but am only getting around to putting my own list together. There are some great lists out there at the moment which have inspired me to make mine. I've created a new page for this on my blog so I can keep track of it and I am hoping to do posts updating you on how I'm getting on throughout the next 1001 days. 

Start Date: 05.01.13
End date: 02.10.16

1. Complete the 52 Week Saving Challenge. This is going well, and looking forward to seeing my savings at the end of the year. 

2. Complete the 30 Day Squat Challenge (at least once).

3. Take driving lessons and pass my driving test.

4. Complete a makeup course and become a qualified makeup artist.

5. Get more organised and finish my to-do lists. I'm getting better at this, still a work in progress though. 

6. Get into a blogging routine and stick to it - upload posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and an additional or round up post on the weekends. Again I'm working on this, but hoping to nail my routine down this May 2014. 

7. Include lifestyle posts - expand outside of beauty. I've done a few Sister Date posts, you can check them out here

8. Clear my credit card. I cleared it, and then booked flight. Ongoing process but getting better. 

9. Buy new glasses with big frames. Bought a gorgeous pair in March.

10. Stop buying black clothes and introduce some colour to my wardrobe.

11. Give up something each month in 2014 - in January I'm giving up the booze. This hasn't really worked out, but I'm hoping to take another  look at this for May 2014. 

12. Look after my nails with weekly/ monthly treatments.

13. Drink more herbal teas and less coffee.

14. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. 

15. Organise a sister date on the 10th of each month. January, February, March, Missed April. 

16. Organise more meet ups with my girls. 

17. Manage my own project in work. 

18. Work on a digital project in work. 

19. Read more books and put down the Kindle- specifically the classics. 

20. Use a hair mask and a face mask once a week.

21. Cook my boyfriend a meal (without his help).

22. Plan a trip with the girls.

23. Learn how to ski and go on a skiing holiday. 

24. Take a trip back to America. 

25. Visit my sister wherever she ends up. 

26. Do monthly favourite posts. 

27. Do an empties post every two months. 

28.Take part in a blogging challenge. Check out my BOBBlogChallange posts here.

29. Learn how to play 3 songs on my guitar. 

30. Organise all my photos into albums. 

31. Print my favourite pictures from Facebook, my phone and digital camera. 

32.Finally organise my files on my laptop and back everything up. 

33. Record a YouTube video and upload it once a week.

34. Join a gym and go at least twice a week. 

35. Back up all of the posts on my blog. 

36. Change my hair (at least once). 

37. Learn how to cook and eat healthier. 

38. Get to my ideal weight and maintain it. 

39. Go back to Paris.

40. Visit the Cliffs of Moher. 

41. Learn how to use my camera properly (even if it means taking a class).

42. Learn how to pack light.

43. Invest in the perfect capsule wardrobe.

44. Read more fashion and beauty magazines. Buying Allure religiously now :) 

45. Comment on other blogs and YouTube videos more. 

46. Eat at least two pieces of fruit a day. 

47. Go on an adventure, even if I'm not sure of the destination.

48. Move out.

49. Make my own recipe book.

50. Invest in studio lighting for pictures and videos. 

51. Buy a designer handbag...oh Chanel. 

52. Run in a marathon.

53. Organise a trip (without making any mistakes). Booked flights to Santa Ponsa for the boyfriend and myself in June. 

54. Start a collection of beauty books.Bought Face Forward by Kevin Aucoin and Beauty by Lauren Conrad.

55. Buy a piece of make up from high end brands I haven't tried before - Burberry, Tom Ford, Laura Mercier, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.

56. Keep my brows shape by regularly getting them done.

57. Have a spa day. 

58. Go for afternoon tea. Check out my post here

59. Reach over 500 followers on my blog. 

60. Use my Facebook page more. 

61. Host a giveaway on my blog, Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

62. Do a brides make up. 

63. Post up more make up looks on my blog. 

64. Invest in good quality gym/ running gear. 

65. Swim with dolphins. 

66. Get a puppy.

67. Go to a rugby game. 

68. Design business cards for my blog. 

69. Grow a herd garden.

70. Buy a new laptop. 

71. Surprise someone I care about. 

72. Make an inspiration book from old magazines. 

73. Get a facial. 

74. Go to a tropical paradise. 

75. Inspire someone to write their 101 Goals in 1001 Days

76. Buy a pair of amazing designer shoes.

77. Find the perfect everyday handbag.

78. Take more risks with my make up and take pictures of it.

79. Take more picture in general. 

80. Bake more. 

81. Do monthly budgets and stick to them. 

82. Go on a road trip (again). 

83. Get a custom leather jacket. 

84. Do monthly wishlists on my blog. 

85. Update the design of my blog. 

86. Go horse riding again. 

87. Start a pension.

88. Always feel fabulous. 

89. Meet one of my make up idols. 

90. Make contacts in the make up industry. 

91. Get a promotion in work. 

92. Live for 6 months without my credit card. 

93. Develop my Pinterest account. 

94. Attend more blogger meet ups.

95. Donate more things/ time to a charity. 

96. Go on a picnic.

97. Drink Champagne on a rooftop. 

98. Host a dinner party. 

99. Sing in public - karaoke doesn't count. 

100. Sunbathe on a beach.

101. Learn how to trust my own instincts.

This is my list for now, I love writing this as it has really made me focus on my goals for the next few years. Let me know if you have created your own list, I would love to read it. 


  1. fantastic list looking forward to see you tick each one when completed. methinks i need to draft my own list too. good luck xxx

  2. fantastic list looking forward to see you tick each one when completed. methinks i need to draft my own list too. good luck xxx


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